New Fav

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand.  Everyone may gather it, and no limit is set.”


This is from my new favourite book.


You see me rollin’…

Last week oma and opa came to visit me at work.  I noticed on the back of their car there was a nice big sticker on the back of their car that read Cadillac.  My uncle is a sign maker and must have made opa some stickers when he went up to visit them over Thanksgiving.  I complimented them on their sweet ride, as I wasn’t aware the Rains’ were such a posh bunch, and they were on their way.   It just so happens I got my first set of wheels last week.  She’s a 1999 Buick Century, same make as my grandparents’ different colour.

That brings me to today.  I was on my way to pick up my niece for a girls date time.  She’s got 4 brothers and needs to be rescued every now and again!  I was picking up my brother in law and one of his sons on the way out to their place.  Ben had yet to see my “new to me” car.  He circled it and upon getting in the car was laughing quite a bit.  He said “nice ride” with a huge grin.  I knew Buick’s were sweet, but not to the point of hilarity.  What exactly was he talking about?  He then told me I was driving a Caddy.   No!  I didn’t believe him so I got out of the car and checked out the damage for myself.  It was true, I had indeed been driving my very own Cadillac for the last 3 days and didn’t even know it.  As it turns out opa snuck out during dinner last week, when he and oma had invited me over for stew, and tagged my car with a Cadillac sticker of my very own.  Brilliant move opa, ten points!

So now you know.  We’re the only two Buick’s in town claiming to be Cadillac’s.  Feel free to say hello next time you pull up beside either of us 😉

The Romania Project

Love Knits is teaming up with The Romania Project again this fall.  If you or anyone you know would like to knit/crochet hats for the kids let me know.  We’re hoping to send them over in time for Christmas!  Bright colours and cozy yarns welcome…


Picture stolen from Joni Allardyce

This is tonight.

Photo 26

I’m house sitting for my sister this week while she and her merry family are vacationing in Florida.   I’ve eaten her cupboards bare, the dogs have dreads and the flowers are dead so I’ll realistically never be invited back!    That’s a joke Bon, I still have a ways to go if you want bare cupboards upon your return…

Creation’s light has been a welcomed change from the city lights.  Every night around 8pm I run to the edge of property through the trees and the cob-webs and over the fence with my computer.  I take a picture, or ten, and sit in silence as long as I can bare it before the mosquitos attack forcing me back into the house.


I love summer, but even with the return of warm weather this week –we were smoked with cool/rainy weather over the last week– the cooler stints at night lately are hinting at fall.  I’m not trying to rush away summer, I simply love fall.  I love the colours, the smells, the clothing, the holidays, and the food!  I remember in the olden days I even liked going to school in the fall, and walking around Western’s massive campus.  I love wearing sweaters and scarves, playing football in the park, having campfires making spider-dogs, and running through beautiful tree-lined streets…

What I also love about this season is how it revitalizes my knitting mojo!   What does mojo even mean??? Obviously it breathes fresh life into my LOVE KNITS bones. I’m eager to pull out my coziest, albeit ugliest, sweater whose sole purpose is to keep me warm and motivated while knitting.  It makes me want to gather people around for warm drinks, lessons, good chats and common dreams.

“I don’t know who you are, where you’re from, don’t care what you’ve done as long as you LOVE KNITS baby…” ~Backstreet Boys

I realize I might have just mis-quoted one of the most brilliant pop songs of our age, but if it had been around back then I am sure they would have endorsed it.  Seriously check out and read up on the vision and mission then dream up a way to give it wings in your immediate surroundings: dorm, school, home, community, church, workplace, local coffee shop etc.  Find somewhere there’s a need- a shelter, an orphanage, a family- and serve into it.  The community cultivated, skills learned and service encouraged will seriously effect your heart.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than creating something with your own hands and having it severely bless someone else.  Why not start in simple, practical, lovely ways like knitting or crochet?

If there’s a will, there’s a way.  I just think we need more wills : )

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*The movie above is simply a history of LOVE KNITS through pictures since it’s birth in 2007!

3 for 1

Today mom told me dad said, “Imagine the girls both met boys between now and Sunday?  We could have a triple wedding and be all set!”

I guess dad is where I get my love of bargains…although I think I’d draw the line at group weddings : )


I’ll admit when I’m not using youtube so I can dance along to Forever or sing along at the top of my lungs to Battlefield I am watching stuff that makes me feel like I am school, and I like it…

Here are some clips that have been making me think over the last months and years:

~ The dangers of aspartame .  Seriously watch this!!!

~ MSG forced me into learning how to cook : )  This will scare you.

~ A movie trailer on FOOD and how we’re killing ourselves and keeping Doctor’s in business.

Zeitgeist Pt. I.  Now while I don’t stand by this entire movie (separated into “shorts” for YouTube) with conviction, I do find the part about the economy interesting.

~ Check out the series called Duped? on the left hand side : )

~ Endgame

~ This site is the BEST for free documentaries.  This video in particular was heartbreaking, but that’s only because I have yet to see all the others.

~ Where have all the boys gone?  This is actually about man-made chemicals and how they interfere with the male hormonal system!

~ Oil Crises

 You should check out one or two of these, they are interesting to say the least.  Watch with discernment cos some of it might be bogus, but don’t write it all off in the name of ignorance…